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Fintech 101 – Every Thing You Need To Know

Fintech 101 – Every Thing You Need to Know

A Beginner’s Guide to Fintech in 2017

“FinTech”, or Financial Technology, is a broad booming emergent industry that is revolutionizing the way everyone does business. It is leveling the playing field for small business, and creating more discerning and intelligent consumers. Is your company going to use FinTech to its advantage, or be left wondering why the competition is cleaning house?

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A Message to Desktop Accountants

We have noticed an interesting trend in the past year or so that I think deserves some attention. We have been getting more clients asking for Xero expertise by name.
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Why your data needs automated bookkeeping

This is a blog about automated bookkeeping in plain language. We reached back into to the Xero Blog archives and found a wonderful 2 min read.
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