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Top Tech Trends For Small Business In 2017

Top Tech Trends For Small Business In 2017

7 Tech trends that will change the way small businesses operate in 2017

Our friends over at Xero have compiled a list of the top tech finds for 2017. We found #2 BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) to be very interesting. Nearly %75 of the workforce will be mobile by 2020, that’s just 3 years away. Is your company’s website mobile ready now? Another trend we found particularly interesting was #3 Remote Offices. Real estate is expensive, and when your staff gathers virtually, you can save that overhead and expand your talent pool across geographic boundaries. Xero goes on to note, “None of these tech trends are particularly mind-blowing to the informed small business owner, but what may be a game-changer in 2017 is the increased rate of change and adoption that we’ll see. Technology tends to have a flywheel effect: adoption breeds faster adoption, which breeds even faster adoption. One thing is certain about 2017: technology will move quickly.”

You can read more about all 7 Tech trends over at the Xero blog.


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